Gelding Assistance

The Unwanted Horse Coalition provides funding for gelding assistance to groups and individuals.  They hold gelding clinics throughout the United States in partnership with other organizations.  You can follow their gelding clinics at the following link:
They also provide a voucher program for individual horse owners.  Below is a link for individual owners to apply for assistance.
If we have funds available, we will assist with your expenses to geld your horse.  Please submit the form below if you need assistance.

If you have a stallion, we encourage you to geld him.  The horse market is very suppressed, so the idea of using him for stud fees is not a lucrative endeavor.  The cost of keeping a stallion is high in terms of fencing requirements and ensuring they are secure, not to mention their health and well being.  You are liable for any damage your stallion may cause.

Helping Hands Equine Assistance is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
All donations are tax deductible
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