Disaster Assistance


Oklahomans are no strangers to disasters.   With our fair share of tornados, fires, and floods, our state experiences a multitude of occurrences that can cause havok in our lives.  


Helping Hands Equine Assistance is preparing to assist.  By providing replacement supplies, temporary housing options, and feed or hay through our banks, the goal is to provide you peace of mind during a stressful time.  


Should you require such assistance, contact us so we may assist you by taking the worry away.

In the aftermath of an Oklahoma tornado, first responders are often met with sights and situations that they are unprepared for.   Immediate needs are high and people rush to help families that are looking at their entire life scattered over miles.  The needs range from immediate euthanasia to foster care while fencing is inspected or replaced.  That's the short term.  The long term need for equine care is daunting.  


The Oklahoma Large Animal First Responders (OLAFR) group was formed after the May 20th tornado outbreak.   The OLAFR was formed by veterinarians and volunteers who assisted in the immediate disaster relief efforts as well as the long-term recovery efforts.   This group's mission is:    


"In the event of a catastrophic disaster, whether natural and/or man-made, in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas, we seek to assist in a public/private partnership that bridges the gap between federal, state, and local agencies and private citizens by forming a comprehensive team capable of providing urgent care, triage, evacuation, and other support for large animal victims and their owners.  OLAFR will also assist in organizing assistance in the long term recovery such as feed and supplies through donations and volunteers.  Through education and training, we will work with the communities and owners to help them be more prepared for disasters."  


Contact Information is olafrteam@gmail.com


Their facebook site is:  www.facebook.com/OklahomaLargeAnimalFirstResponders