HHEA has registered the double heart brand in all 4 positions.  Due to the expense of creating and registering a brand, we offer the general public the ability to utilize this brand for a $5 donation to our program.  

You will be responsible for procuring the branding services themselves.  Most veterinarians can freeze brand your horse.

Visit the Equine Identification page under Resources to read about freeze branding requirements.

Brands provide proof of ownership in theft cases in Oklahoma court of law.  In order to ensure owners retain full ownership responsibilities of their equine, our attorney has developed a document for you to sign.

The brand itself is shown above and the picture of Shorty's brand was taken right after he was branded so you can see how it looks.

Upon receipt of a signed application, Helping Hands Equine Assistance will take identifying pictures and maintain logs of each horse.  Since the brand is registered, in the case of a missing horse, we will report the horse as missing and be by your side in any court cases.

Download the form below and give us a call to schedule time to use the brand.  Keep your equine safe!

Download form to complete for use of the double heart brand.