Equine Identification

As equine owners, we are all well aware of the risk of theft or identification in disaster situations.  It's something none of us want to think of but is something we all need to plan for.

Oklahoma has brand laws in place to help identify our equines if lost.

Another way for identification is microchipping your horse.  In Oklahoma, a veterinarian must place the microchip.


Oklahoma Brand Laws are in place and maintained by the State Board of Agriculture.  The following link is provided for your reference.


The Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association maintains the Oklahoma Brand Book.  Brands that are registered take precedence over non-registered brands.  Proof of ownership in theft cases is paramount for the safety of your animal.  Registration of your brand removes all doubt of ownership.  The following link provides the process for brand registration.


It is important to design a unique brand that is simple to provide for a clean look and easy to read.  Here are some hints on creating your brand as well as some items that are reserved.


You have your design and its registered, now it's time to get someone to make the brand and apply it.   The following people provide branding services to Oklahomans.


Hunter Washburn  (405) 830-0089  Facebook page:  www.facebook.com\hunter.washburn.73


 Kim Butler  Facebook page:    www.facebook.com\kim.butler.5209?fref=ufi


If you make brands or would like to be listed, please let us know.

Helping Hands Equine Assistance has registered a brand on all 4 sides for use by Oklahoma equine owners.  Please go to our "Services " page to learn more about this option.