Oklahoma Horse Rescue

Equine rescue facilities are a vital part for the health of the equine industry.  As the public becomes more aware of neglect issues, there is a demand for secure placement and standards of care.


Rescues depend on continual support from the industry it supports as well as the general public.  We encourage you to know your local rescue and support their efforts.


1 Day Ranch Animal Rescue:  http://1dayranch.org/

Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue:  http://www.blazesequinerescue.com/

Horse and Hound Rescue Foundation:  http://www.horseandhoundrescue.com/


Horsefeathers Equine Center:  http://www.horsefeathersequinecenter.org/

Breed Specific:

Exceller Fund - Nationwide thoroughbred program with Oklahoma facilities.


Oklahoma Thoroughbred Retirement Program:  https://www.otrp.info/

Rockin' G Equine Rescue:  http://www.rockinghorseok.com/ 


Thoroughbred Athletes Inc.:  http://www.thoroughbred-athletes.com/  

We commend each of the Oklahoma Rescues and work with most of them as they are our eyes and ears in their respective areas.  Our partnerships with several of these rescues have saved lives of equines in our communities.

Below is a list of Oklahoma Rescues listed in alphabetical order.  We have also broken out the breed specific rescues for your convenience.  


If there is a name you would like added, please contact us on the Contact Page.

The first line in any lost or seized animal is the local county sheriff's office.  The often do not have the facilities to house large animals such as equines.  If they do, they will normally house the animal for a determined length of time to give the owner a chance to claim the animal, then sell it at a local auction.

Staying in contact with them will often result in being able to adopt directly from their facility.  Animals are posted on www.petharbor.com