Rehoming assistance is one of the major program goals of Helping Hands.  Whether the need is permanent placement due life changes or simply finding a new boarding facility, our staff would like to facilitate the rehoming of your equine.  


Our network of volunteers have facilities to house your horse on a temporary basis through foster care if you are unable to keep your horse allowing more time for adequate marketing to ensure a good home.

Selling a horse transfers ownership, and you lose any right to know how the horse is treated or if they are safe.  Using agreements or contracts with your new buyer gives you the right to check up on the horse or even first buy back if the horse is resold.  This is the only LEGAL means you have to ensure your horse's safety.


​Helping Hands Equine Assistance requires a rehoming contract with every horse that moves through our organization.  Our document is available on the "Resources" page for your use in modifying to fit your needs.

We hope equine owners rehome their horse in a safe environment and give owners a legal right to check on their well-being.

Rehoming Assistance